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If you want to attend an international trade fair and need assistance with travel procedures, find important information below or contact us.  


Are the prices up-to-date?

► The prices are up-to-date and any tour can be purchased from our website. One of our sales representatives will contact you and provide you with all the information you need regarding our tours.

What is included in the tour prices?

► You can find all the details about the services included in the tour packages on the tour details page.

Is the fair ticket included in the tour prices?

► Unless it is specified on the tour details page, the fair tickets are not included in the tour prices.

How can I check if you offer a tour package for the fair I want to attend?

► You can search for the fair you are interested in in the search box on our main page or you can search for the fair in our “fairs according to sectors” section.

What if there are no tour packages for the fair I want to attend? Will you prepare one for me?  

► We can prepare a tour plan for you for any fair you are interested in attending. You can get in touch with our sales representatives to discuss the details.

Who will receive me at the airport in the country I will visit for the fair?

► One of our agency representatives or a transfer officer will meet you at the airport and guide you throughout your journey. We will provide you with all the necessary information a day before you travel.

What if I buy the plane ticket but only need a hotel reservation?

► Click here for the information you need for hotel availability as per the dates you provide. 

What if I can’t decide, can I pre-book the tour?

► Unfortunately, pre-booking is not possible. You can book a tour directly with the help of one of our sales representatives.

Can we get visa service only?

► Our visa service is inclusive of the tour packages. We do not offer any separate visa services.

Where can I buy the fair ticket?

► You can buy fair tickets from the tickets section on the fair’s official website. Generally, you also get a discount if you directly buy from the fair’s website.

We have a place to stay in the country of the fair. Can we just purchase plane tickets?

► Our sales representatives will be happy to help you with your flight tickets if you provide them with your travel dates.

Do I have to be a member to book a hotel?

► You do have to be a member for buying and availing discounts or special offers with us. 

The dates of the tour you prepared don’t suit us? Are the dates changeable?

► Yes, dates and hotel reservations are changeable within a given period.

Can we add a domestic flight to the itinerary?

► Domestic flights can be added to your itinerary. Your sales consultant will help you with this.

Are there any extra charges at the hotel?

► In many destinations around the world, a small amount (3-5 Euro per night) is charged as city tax, tourist tax, or service fee. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay for such charges in advance. A credit card guarantee or a cash deposit may be requested by the hotel for any extra charges. This amount will be refunded when you checkout. 

What are the hotel check-in and check-out timings?

► Although timings vary in every hotel but generally the check-in time is 15:00 and the check-out time is 11:00. Hotels may or may not allow early check-in depending on the room availability. The hotel is informed about your estimated arrival time according to your flight time.

Will I pay for the hotel accommodation?

► Unless there is an extension in your package, you will not be charged for your accommodation and breakfast.

Can I rent a car during my trip?

► Yes, you may request car rental services during your trip and we will assist you with it. 

How much is the international departure fee and where do we pay?

► As of 2023, the international departure is 150 TL and the payment is made at the airport at the tax center. 

How much do hotels charge for city tax?

► Hotels charge city tax according to the city you are in but generally it is around 3-5 Euros. 

When will we receive our travel documents?

► Your travel documents are sent to you within 5 working days. It varies from case to case but we try to send you the documents as early as possible. 

We bought our plane tickets from you. Who will do the online check-in for us?

► Online flight check-in is done by you since it requires personal information and only you have access to it.

Is baggage allowance included in the flight tickets provided by you?

► Baggage is included in the flight tickets. We do not issue baggage-free flights without your consent or permission. 

What if we want to book a hotel different from the one in the tour? Is it changeable?  

► We will be happy to assist you if you forward the details of the hotel and accommodation you want to our sales consultants.

Do you provide support for visa procedures?

► We do your visa consultancy and application procedures. However, no responsibility is taken and no guarantee is given in this regard.

When do I have to submit the visa documents at the latest?

► The visa process differs from country to country. In busy seasons, it can take up to 20 working days (4 weeks). Schengen countries in particular have started to accept applications 6 months in advance. For this reason, it is recommended that you apply as soon as your trip becomes clear.

Is the visa fee included in the total tour fee?

► Visa fee is not included in tour prices. We provide visa service only to our guests who purchase package programs or hotel accommodations from us.

Is the tour/visa fee refundable in case the visa is not granted?

► We cannot guarantee a positive outcome in this regard because the visa is approved by the consulate. You can get in touch with us for our refund policy. 

Where can I get information about how to apply as an exhibitor?

► You can get in touch with the fair organizers to get information about how to be an exhibitor at the event.

Do you sell stands or exhibition venues?

► We do not sell stands or fair venues. We only offer travel-related services.

Are there any companies that offer fair incentives?

► There are many consultancy firms that offer incentives and charge you for them. You can get in touch with them with any one of them. 

Do you provide consultancy for fair incentives?

► We provide all the information about incentives but we do not have a consultancy service. You can find the recent information about incentives here. Our sales consultants also help you with the information you need. 

Is it possible to pay in cash?

► You can pay in cash at our office.

Is it safe to pay with credit card?

► We have a secure virtual POS system in place that does not store any personal information. We also have a 3D security system so you can make payments securely.

When will I get my invoice?

► Your invoice will be issued and given to you after your trip is complete.

Is it possible to pay in istallments?

► It is possible to pay in installments with a credit card. If you pay by card, interest charges will be deducted.

Is it possible to change the name after purchasing the tour?

► Sometimes hotels do accept name changes but airlines have strict rules and regulations, so it would not be possible to change your name in the flight ticket.

Can the purchased tour be canceled or refunded?

► Hotels and airlines have strict rules and regulations regarding cancellations. There are no cancellations or refunds after your reservations are made. 

Can we get a refund in case the fair is canceled or an application to the fair is not accepted?

► Unfortunately, cancellations or refunds are not possible after reservations are made.

Are you a member of TURSAB? (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies)

► We are a group A TURSAB member travel agency with document number 8943. You can do digital verification on our site.

Can you share your bank account information?

► Click here for our bank details.

What is the trade name of your company?

► Gönel Seyahat Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti.

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