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About DixiFuar

DixiFuar is a travel agency operating as an A Group member with document number 8943, registered under the Association of Turkish Travel Agents (TÜRSAB). With a profound 25-year background in tourism, DixiTravel introduced the DixiFuar brand to the world of trade fairs in 2017. The fundamental principle of the company is to provide its customers with uninterrupted and exceptional services.

DixiFuar, operating under the umbrella of Dixi Company Groups, offers an extensive range of services. Within this group, there are specialized organizations such as DixiHealth, DixiTatil, and DixiCongress, each focusing on different sectors. This diversity allows us to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of clients from various industries and ensures comprehensive support. Dixi Company Groups is a reflection of our commitment to providing the best service to our customers.


What Does DixiFuar Do?

DixiFuar is an agency that provides comprehensive organization services for major fairs and events worldwide, offering fair tour packages. It offers its customers the experience of a professional team to efficiently manage their fair participations. From fair attendance to air travel, and accommodation to transfer services, DixiFuar is there to support you at every stage. With its know-how, DixiFuar saves time by enabling its customers to focus only on their own business while traveling to fairs and takes a close interest in all processes. In this way, DixiFuar, which offers the time-benefit advantage in the most meaningful way, has increased the number of customers it serves every day by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level.

DixiFuar meticulously analyses the special needs of companies during the fair periods and prepares flexible fair tour programs tailored to the criteria of each company with different combinations. In addition, with its principle of transparency, it attaches importance to informing its customers at every step and produces innovative solutions by keeping up to date in order to contribute to their success.


Our Goals at DixiFuar

DixiFuar's greatest motivation is the desire of previously served companies to benefit from DixiFuar's services again. To achieve this goal, it regularly updates its technological infrastructure and supports the development of team members through in-house training. DixiFuar works with the aim of exceeding the quality of the previous service in all areas, including customer service, operations, and accounting processes. It firmly believes that quality should have a rising momentum, not a stable one.


Why Trust DixiFuar?

At DixiFuar, we always prioritize customer satisfaction. We focus on the unique needs of each customer and strive to help them achieve the best results. Our experienced team understands the complexity and uniqueness of fairs and keeps you informed at every stage.

With 25 years of tourism experience, our company has been responsible for sales, marketing, management, and organization of more than 50 fairs in over 46 different sectors, influenced by the 46 different sectors of the fair industry. We have extensive experience in more than 46 sectors, including food and beverage, automotive and sub-industry, medical and health, furniture and decoration, textiles, building and construction, food raw materials, home textiles, electrical and electronic, packaging, industrial and construction machinery, pharmaceuticals and laboratories, plastics and rubber, technology, fashion, and more.

As DixiFuar, we are always proud to help you with domestic and international fair tours. We are here to contribute to your company to reach its goals. We invite you to take a step forward in your business and walk to success together.

In addition, please contact us for more information about our other services, DixiHealth, DixiTatil and DixiCongress, which we have created for you on this road we set out as DixiTravel.


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