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Agriculture & Livestock Sector


The agriculture and livestock industry plays a significant role in food production and meeting the world’s dietary demands. It entails everything from crop and livestock production to food processing, distribution, and consumption. The agriculture and livestock sector is heavily dependent on international trade and globalization. Import and export of agricultural products impact economies and food availability worldwide.

Continuous population growth, water scarcity, and climate change are among the main challenges of this industry. The industry is struggling to produce more food sustainably to combat food insecurity and hunger around the world. Technological developments in agricultural methods such as precision agriculture, organic farming, smart agro, and agroforestry can enhance productivity in the sector. The agriculture and livestock industry can also strengthen rural economies and improve global economies across the world. 


Agriculture and Livestock Industry Report

The gross production value in the global agriculture market is projected to reach $3.69 trillion in 2023. Annual growth of 5.64% is expected between 2023 and 2028. The countries with the highest production value are China, India, the U.S., Brazil, and Russia. The U.S. is one of the biggest exporters of agricultural products with annual agricultural exports worth $196.4 billion in 2022. Cattle meats and such as beef and veal are some of the most consumed types of meats around the world. The U.S. is among the top producers of beef and veal, with more than 30 million cattle slaughtered every year.

The agriculture and livestock sector account for 4% of the global domestic product (GDP) and in less developed countries, it can account for up to 25% of the GDP. World events such as the Russia-Ukraine war have accelerated a global food crisis and around 25 million across 45 countries are at the brink of starvation. The agriculture and livestock sector is aiming to address challenges such as climate change, sustainability, and efficiency, to increase crop production and meet global food demands. 


What Trade Exhibitions can You Attend in the Agriculture and Livestock Industry?

The agriculture and livestock industry holds a key position in the development of the overall food sector. A wide range of exhibitions are held every year around the world to showcase agri-industrial and livestock innovations. Here are some of the most important trade exhibitions held in this industry:

IFFA: A leading livestock trade exhibition held to showcase the latest technologies for processing, packaging, and distribution of meat and alternative proteins. The event is a monumental platform to discover the latest trends in livestock production and management. The world’s leading companies from the livestock value chain are invited to present their innovations. The event is held in Frankfurt at the Messe Frankfurt exhibition center. 

EIMA Bologna: A significant trade show dedicated exclusively to the agriculture and farming industry. It is a biennial event being conducted since 1969 in Italy. The event provides a comprehensive platform to discover the latest agriculture tools and equipment from harvesting machines to crop vehicles and much more. Leading companies and important stakeholders from the industry attend the show to set new trends and engage with the global community.

SIMA / SIMAGENA: Another relevant event for the agriculture and livestock industry that focuses particularly on sustainable agriculture. Many important figures from the agriculture and farming world attend this show to present their ideologies and connect with the stakeholders. The event is held in Paris at the Paris Nord – Villepinte exhibition grounds. 

Iran Agro: A reputable exhibition in the agriculture and livestock industry held in Tehran, Iran. The event is of particular importance for the African and Middle Eastern regions. The event provides valuable insight into the Iranian agricultural market and showcases the latest innovations by foreign exhibitors. It is a beneficial platform for industry professionals to witness the latest developments in the industry and meet the global leaders of the industry. 

CASPIAN AGRO: One of the prominent shows in the world’s agriculture and livestock sector, organized in Baku, Azerbaijan. The event showcases the latest agro-industrial technologies produced in Azerbaijan and other important regions. The main exhibition sections of the event include Smart Agro, Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Premises, Livestock and Poultry, Horticulture, etc. 

AGRITECHNICA: An advanced and crucial trade show for the agricultural machinery industry. The platform is an ideal global avenue to meet important stakeholders and innovators from all over the world. Green farming and mechanic innovations are important highlights of the event. Exhibitors from various global regions showcase their products and evaluation opportunities such as farm tours are also arranged. The event takes place in Hannover, Germany every year. 


Which Sectors can Participate in the Trade Exhibitions Held in the Agriculture & Livestock Industry?

The agriculture and livestock industry plays an integral role in the development of the global food industry. Without an agriculture and livestock industry, there will be no raw materials to produce food. It is a vast and diverse sector with a wide range of sub-sectors that work together. The key sectors of this industry include the crop sector, dairy sector, meat sector, horticulture, floriculture, agricultural industrial goods, agrochemical, processed foods, etc. 

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