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Leather & Footwear Sector


The global leather and footwear sector is one of the most dynamic and diverse sectors in the world. It plays a significant role in shaping the global economy because of the growing demand in all the major economies in the world. It is also a labor-intensive industry that provides jobs to millions of people around the world.

The industry consists of various sectors that are involved in the production, processing, and distribution of leather goods and footwear products. The most important and major sectors of the industry are raw material suppliers, tanning & leather processing, fashion brands, and retailers, footwear manufacturing, leather goods manufacturing, etc.


Leather and Footwear Industry Report

The market size of the global leather footwear industry was valued at $166.53 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow by 2.8% between 2021 and 2025. Europe held the biggest market share in the world with 31% in 2018. The second contender in market share was the U.K. with 13% of the global market share.

Leather footwear accounted for 32.65% of the global footwear revenue in the year 2022. The global revenue of $124.7 billion in 2022 is expected to reach $145.2 billion by 2028 for leather footwear. The global leather footwear market is forecasted to grow with an annual growth rate of 2.8% between 2019 and 2025 and reach $202.30 billion by 2025. The global leather footwear industry made $50 billion worth of sales through trade and held a 0.24% share of the total world trade in 2021.

The key factors that drive the growth of the industry are the growing working-class population in Asian countries and a thriving retail e-commerce sector worldwide. U.S., UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, Brazil, and Nigeria are among the biggest global leather footwear markets. 


What Trade Exhibitions can You Participate in the Leather and Footwear Industry?

The leather footwear industry is a substantial segment of the fashion industry. Globally, many trade exhibitions are held to showcase the latest innovations and market trends. Here are some of the most important trade shows in leather footwear that you can attend:

GDS (Global Destination for Shoes & Accessories): A leading global trade exhibition for shoes and accessories, the GDS exhibition is held in Dusseldorf, Germany. Leather goods, especially footwear are among the special highlights at the event. Many well-known companies from the leather industry participate in the event. 

MICAM Milano: A one-of-a-kind international footwear exhibition that showcases over 1,700 footwear collections every year. MICAM Milano footwear exhibition is held twice a year in Milan at the Fiera Milano Rho Trade Fair Center. Leather is one of the strongest product categories at the event and many leather footwear companies exhibit their products.

Shoes & Leather Guangzhou: China is one of the biggest exporters of leather footwear and hosts significant trade shows such as Shoes & Leather Guangzhou. The trade event provides an innovative platform for professionals and visitors to discover recent trend updates and novelties in the market. It is held in the city of Guangzhou at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. 

LINEAPELLE Milan: A renowned trade exhibition related to the leather industry held in Milan. Leather is one of the most important and major segments at the event and many leading leather companies exhibit at the event. 

Première Vision: One of the major global trade events for fashion professionals around the world. More than 200 leather suppliers gather at the event every year. Some of the leather varieties that you can find at the event are full-grain leather, shearling, suede leather, exotic leather, etc. The main Premiere Vision event is held in Paris, France.

AYSAF: A stimulating trade exhibition held in Istanbul, Turkey for the footwear industry. Many major leather footwear companies showcase their latest designs at the event. The event provides a unique opportunity to meet the global footwear community and the latest market trends.


Which Sectors can Participate in the Leather and Footwear Industry Exhibitions?

The footwear industry is a major global industry that churns out a significant amount of revenue each year. Leather footwear is one of the most important segments of the footwear industry with a huge range of market sectors. Leather and footwear trade exhibitions attract thousands of exhibitors every year. Some of the sectors that can join such exhibitions as exhibitors or visitors include raw material suppliers, tanneries, footwear manufacturers, leather footwear design houses, brands and retailers, footwear wholesalers & distributors, e-commerce businesses, etc. 


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