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Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry


The cosmetics and personal care sector refers to the industry that produces and sells cosmetic and personal care products, such as skin care products, hair care products, makeup, and fragrances. This sector encompasses a wide range of products, from luxury cosmetics to mass-market personal care items, and includes established multinational corporations and small, independent companies.

The cosmetics and personal care sector is a significant contributor to the global economy and is constantly evolving to meet changing consumer preferences and trends. The sector is also subject to strict regulations to ensure the safety and efficacy of its products.


Cosmetics and Personal Care Sector Report

The industry faces a blend of challenges and opportunities. On one hand, the demand for beauty and self-care products continues to surge due to evolving consumer preferences, increased disposable income, and the growing influence of social media. This has led to a proliferation of innovative and specialized products, creating a highly competitive market.

However, the industry also confronts concerns related to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and the environmental impact of certain ingredients and packaging. Consumer awareness and advocacy for eco-friendly and cruelty-free products have pushed companies towards more responsible practices. Additionally, regulatory compliance, product safety, and health-related claims remain crucial considerations.

Overall, the cosmetics and personal care sector has positively impacted economies by creating employment opportunities and contributing to GDP growth. It plays a pivotal role in promoting self-confidence and self-expression, reflecting evolving beauty standards and cultural trends. To thrive, the industry continues to innovate, embrace sustainability, and address consumer expectations for quality, safety, and ethical practices.

As in the general reports;

  • The current value of global cosmetics and personal care is USD 564,40 billion.
  • The revenue of the global market in 2022 was USD 100.50 billion.
  • The market’s size in the world was USD 277,67 billion in 2020, it is projected to grow to USD 415.29 billion by 2028
  • Again in 2020, skincare has taken the market share of %37,97 in the sector. It is the leading segment of the sector.
  • The experts are expecting that the sector will increase by about %90 by 2039.
  • The rise of awareness about health and hygiene with COVID-19 has become the key driving factor for the industry.
  • Pacific Asia was the dominating region for the cosmetics and personal care global market in 2020.
  • Online shopping, with the effect of the pandemic is one of the reasons why the sector has grown fast lately.


What are the Cosmetics and Personal Care Trade Shows?

In-Cosmetics Global: In-Cosmetics Global is a premier international event focused on ingredients and raw materials for the cosmetics and personal care industry.

Cosmoprof: Cosmoprof is one of the largest beauty trade shows worldwide, featuring a comprehensive range of beauty products, cosmetics, and personal care solutions. It brings together professionals from around the world in Bologna to showcase and discover new beauty trends.

Beauty World Middle East: Beauty World Middle East is a significant beauty trade fair in the Middle East, offering a diverse array of products from skincare and cosmetics to hair care and fragrances. It serves as a hub for beauty professionals in the region.

InterCHARM Moscow: Organised in Moscow, it is one of the leading international exhibitions in the cosmetics and beauty industry. It brings together professionals to discover the latest beauty trends, products and technologies. It offers visitors a unique experience with a comprehensive program of exhibitions and events.

Cosmoprof Asia: It is a leading beauty trade exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. It showcases a wide spectrum of beauty products, attracting international buyers and professionals seeking innovative and emerging brands.

MakeUp in New York: It is a specialized trade show dedicated to makeup and cosmetic packaging. It brings together suppliers, brands, and professionals to explore new trends and solutions in the makeup industry.

Luxe Pack: Luxe Pack is a premium event focused on luxury packaging solutions for various industries, including cosmetics. It highlights innovative packaging designs, materials, and technologies.

CosmeticBusiness: The CosmeticBusiness trade fair in Munich provides a platform for suppliers and manufacturers in the cosmetics and personal care sector to showcase their products and services.

Cosmetics & Toiletries USA: An essential event for professionals in the cosmetics and toiletries sector, featuring a wide range of products, ingredients, and technologies shaping the industry.


Which Sector Companies Can Participate in the Cosmetics and Personal Care Shows?

Cosmetics and personal care fairs offer a vibrant space for a range of industry companies to exhibit. From skincare and make-up brands to manufacturers of hair care, perfumes and bath products, the industry’s major players are well-represented. In addition, companies involved in packaging technologies, laboratory technologies, the pharmaceutical sector and the chemical sector can also participate in the cosmetics and personal care fairs.


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