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 Construction Equipment Sector


The global construction equipment industry plays a significant role in the execution and development of infrastructure worldwide. A wide range of tools and machines are available within this sector to conclude various construction activities. The factors that influence the growth of this market include population growth, urbanization, economic conditions, and government infrastructure investments. 

China, North America, and Europe are the most dominant markets in the construction equipment industry. The industry has a global presence with higher demand in regions experiencing rapid urbanization and infrastructure development. A growing emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly construction practices, such as green building design and renewable materials is gaining popularity in the sector. The adoption of digital technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), telematics, and GPS is slowly becoming a norm in the industry. 


Construction Equipment Industry Report

The global construction equipment market was valued at $140 billion in 2020. The market size is expected to grow by 25% in the next 5 years. North America, Europe, and Asia were reported as the biggest markets in the construction equipment sector in 2022. The most important product categories in 2022 were crawler dozers, crawler excavators, aerial work platforms, and wheel loaders.

Due to increasing urbanization worldwide, there is a high demand for advanced construction equipment. The latest trends in construction equipment include the incorporation of digital technologies and IoT (Internet of Things) for better data collection, predictive maintenance, and real-time monitoring. Advanced safety options are being introduced such as collision avoidance systems, wireless connectivity, and other operator-assistance technologies. 


What Trade Exhibitions can you Attend in the Construction Equipment Sector?

Construction Equipment plays a crucial role in infrastructure development worldwide. Each year new technologies and equipment are introduced in this market which are exhibited in numerous trade exhibitions. Here are some of the most important trade exhibitions in the construction equipment industry to discover the latest market trends:

Bauma China: A globally-renowned trade show for construction machinery, Bauma China takes place in Shanghai every 2 years. It is one of Asia’s leading platforms where industry experts from all over the world showcase their latest innovations in construction equipment. The event is a remarkable opportunity for professionals to explore the Chinese market and meet the global community.

BICES Construction Machinery: A leading and comprehensive event to discover the latest technologies in construction equipment. It is an excellent business avenue to make new business contacts and learn about the ins and outs of the industry. The event lasts for 4 days in Beijing, China packed with educational seminars and workshops. 

The Big 5 Global Dubai: A significant trade exhibition for the entire construction industry is held in Dubai every year. The event attracts the biggest construction equipment brands from all over the world. The event has been gathering the global construction equipment community under one roof for 43 years. The platform provides a valuable chance to expand your business, globalize your portfolio and learn from leading innovators in the business.

Bauma Munich: A prominent trade show that covers various aspects of the construction industry including construction equipment. Numerous local and international exhibitors come together and showcase their latest construction equipment innovations. The event takes place every 3 years in Munich, Germany. 

Bauma CTT RUSSIA: A reputable trade show for construction equipment and technologies held in Moscow at Crocus Expo Center. CTT Expo brings a diverse range of innovations in construction equipment to each exhibition. It is an ideal source to discover the latest sector developments and meet the leading global players from Russia and other major markets. 


Which Sectors can Attend the Trade Exhibitions in the Construction Equipment Sector?

The construction equipment sector plays an integral role in infrastructure development and construction projects worldwide. The key segments in this industry that can participate in trade exhibitions include earthmoving equipment (bulldozers, excavators, loaders), material handling equipment (cranes, forklifts, hoists), construction vehicles (dump trucks, haul trucks, concrete transport trucks), demolition equipment (hydraulic crushers), road construction and maintenance equipment (road sweepers, road rollers), real estate and building sector, etc. 

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