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Glass Industry


Glass is one of the most consumed materials in the present day and age. The fırst manmade glass dates back to the early 3500 BC in Egypt and Mesopotamia. The manufacturing process of glass has evolved a lot since then and now you can find the best machinery to produce the best quality.

We can see glass everywhere whether it is in our home interiors, basic household items or electronic appliances. The world glass industry has grown dramatically over the years due to its relevance in other sectors including construction, automotive, home appliances, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics etc.


Glass Industry Statistics 

Turkey is one of the leading glass manufacturing countries in the world. It is also one of the most well-developed industries and has come a long way since the inception of its first glass factory, Paşabahçe, in 1935. It is known to be the second largest producer of glassware in the world and Europe. While meeting the demands of the local market, it also serves the international market with offices in USA and Spain.

Turkey is an old and a well-developed player in the glass production industry. Since the inception of its fırst manufacturing plant in 1935, not only does it meet local demands but also serves the global market. Today, the local glass industry stands as the second largest in the world and Europe. Here are a few important facts and figures to know about the Glass Industry:

  • According to Glass Global, Şişecam, the main glass manufacturing factory in Turkey, exports to over 150 countries.
  • The industry provides employment to approximately 12,000 people.
  • It is among top-three in glassware production worldwide.
  • It has the largest flat glass production site in Europe.
  • Turkey is all set to increase its production capacity from 30% to 2.6 million tons.


Which Glass Fairs Can You Attend?

If you are already a part of the glass manufacturing industry and would want to know more, you can do so by being a part of the following glass fairs conducted around the world:

Vitrum Milan: It is one of the most notable fairs related to the glass industry held in Fiera Milano Milan on 5 to 8 September 2023. The fair brings together exhibitors from home decoration, glass production equipment and materials sectors.

Eurasia Glass Fair: Another prominent name in the glass fair industry is Eurasia Glass Fair that will take place in Istanbul on November 11-14. It is one of the largest fairs that takes place in the Eurasian region. Last year it broke a record with over 60,128 exhibitors froö 126 countries. It is a monumental platform if you are in the glass production business in order to meet global players in the market.

Glasstec Düsseldorf: One of the most reputable global glass exhibition and trade fair that takes place in Germany. The next Glasstec is all set to take place on 22-24 October where many global players will display innovative glass technologies. The fair primarily focuses on climate change, resource efficıency, urbanization and well-being. You can get more details about the show by getting in touch with us.

GlassBuild America: One of the largest and reputable trade and networking events for the glass, door and window industries in North America. It is organized and produced by the National Glass Association to create network opportunities between buyers and sellers. The event will take place this year on October 31 – November 2 in Atlanta, Georgia. More details can be provided as per request.

Mir Stekla Moscow: A key trade fair in the glass production industry that takes place in Moscow. The event summons the best and the most refined global players in the glass industry in Russia. It is a unique opportunity for you to learn from the global glass community about innovation and diversification. The event kicks off on 27 Feb and continues till 1st March in 2024.

We would be happy to provide you more details whenever needed.


Which Sectors Can Participate In The Glass Fairs?

Since glass is a multi-purpose material and now needed in different areas of life, several sectors demand for it. The abovementioned fairs can be attended by various sectors such as automotive, construction, electronics, food & beverages, home decor, etc. These fairs serve as a great platform for networking and business opportunities. If you are already in this industry, you can learn new and innovative ways of growing your business. In these fairs you will find:

  • Large to medium sized businesses
  • Sample products
  • Networking opportunities for growth
  • Meet global players in the market
  • Exhibit your product
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