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Foundry Sector


The global foundry or casting industry plays a crucial role in metal production all around the world. Foundries help meet the global demand for metals in a wide range of sectors including defense, agriculture, construction, healthcare, etc. Metal castings are used in approximately 90% of all produced goods in the world in different sectors.

The biggest foundry markets in the world are the USA, China, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, India, Germany, South Korea, etc. Foundries are specifically important for the production of metal components used in pipes, engines, and railroads. Cast iron and aluminum are the two most frequently treated metals in foundries worldwide. The gold production industry is also an important part of the foundry sector because of gold melting and casting. 


Foundry Industry Report

One of the most important global foundry organizations, the European Foundry Association consists of 22 member states. The CAEF member states including Turkey, Germany, France, and Spain produced approximately 10.7 million tons of metal castings in 2021. More than 112.7b million tons of metal castings were produced globally in 2021. There are around 6000 metal casting facilities in Europe alone. The casting business makes an annual revenue of 41 billion Euros yearly.

In the US, the foundry industry is worth around $46 billion which provides more than 160,000 jobs annually. Globally, the US ranks third in casting production behind China and India. It also ranks second in terms of productivity as measured by tonnage per plant. States in the US with the largest number of foundries include Ohio, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, etc. Many industries depend on castings such as defense, automotive, aerospace, oil, and gas, farm equipment, construction, infrastructure, etc.


What Trade Exhibitions can you Attend in the Foundry Industry?

The global foundry industry is one of the most significant industries in the modern world. It plays a critical role in the development of various other industries such as semiconductor production, AI, automotive, defense, etc. Here are some of the most important trade exhibitions one can attend to discover the latest trends and meet the global foundry community:

CastExpo & Metalcasting Congress: One of the leading congresses and exhibitions held in the USA. Thousands of exhibitors participate in the event and showcase their latest foundry innovations. It is an excellent platform to discover new industry trends and to meet top suppliers, metal casters, and service providers. 

GIFA Düsseldorf: One of the most comprehensive foundry exhibitions where the most advanced foundry technologies and solutions are exhibited. GIFA Dusseldorf is a thematic trade exhibition that brings together various foundry sectors under one roof. It takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany, and many leading foundry corporations and industry experts participate in this trade show.

THERMPROCESS: A significant exhibition for the foundry industry where highly innovative technologies and environmentally sustainable concepts in thermo-processing are exhibited. Thermo-processing is an important industrial process in metal production and plays a critical role in the global foundry industry. It is an ideal platform to discover current market developments and making new business connections.

METEC: A leading metallurgy technology exhibition, METEC is a must-visit event for the foundry industry. The exhibition focuses on digitalization, circular economy, sustainability, and innovative technologies in the metallurgy production sector. 

NEWCAST: Another crucial event for the foundry industry, NEWCAST introduces the latest casting technologies and equipment to the world. It is organized by Messe Dusseldorf GmbH and has proven to be a pivotal platform for professionals in the foundry industry. It provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the technical developments in casting and metal components. 


Which Sectors Can Attend Trade Exhibitions in the Foundry Industry?

The foundry industry is a crucial global industry that caters to a wide range of sectors. These sectors are vital for producing a large variety of semiconductor components used in various electronic devices and technologies. The most important sectors in the foundry industry include logic and microprocessor foundries, memory foundries, radio frequency and communication foundries, power semiconductor foundries, automotive and industrial foundries, etc. Foundry trade exhibitions are beneficial for anyone who belongs to these sectors and intends to learn about the latest technological advancements in the industry.


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