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Baking Sector


The baking sector is a crucial part of the food and beverage industry focusing on the production, distribution, and sale of various baked goods. The sector includes every aspect of baking from raw materials to processing technologies to finished goods. Bread is the highest-selling product in the baking sector and contributes significantly to the sector’s global revenue. The other popular baked goods and commodities include pastries, cakes, cookies, biscuits, pies, savory goods, etc.

The latest market trends shaping the industry include healthy and low-calories ingredients, plant-based and vegan baking, and on-the-go baked items. The growing coffee culture is also increasing the demand for baked goods alongside. The growth of e-commerce and food delivery services has also led to an increased demand for online bakeries and businesses. 


Baking Industry Report

The value of the bakery market was estimated at $1.27 trillion in 2023. The market is expected to grow annually by 7.12% between 2023 and 2028. Most revenue in this sector is generated in China with $252 billion in 2023. The largest importer of baked goods globally is the U.S. at $7.8 billion in 2022. The largest market for organic bread and organic baking products is in Germany followed by France and Italy.

According to the American Bakers Association, the baking industry in the USA provides jobs to 800,000 skilled professionals and has an overall economic impact of more than $154 billion. EU Countries including Germany, Italy, and France are among the biggest exporters of bakery goods globally. Bread, pastries, biscuits, and other baked goods and raw materials are among the biggest export items in this industry. 


What Trade Exhibitions can you Attend in the Baking Industry?

The global baking industry is an important part of the global food industry. The demand for baked goods grows every year, pushing for rapid technological advancements. Every year many food exhibitions take place with a special emphasis on baking technologies and solutions. Here are some of the most important trade shows in the baking products industry:

IBA Munich: One of the world’s most established platforms for the baking and confectionary industry. The event brings the latest trends and technologies in the entire value chain of the baking industry from raw materials to packaging. The future challenges of the industry and the current needs of the sector are discussed in detail in educational conferences and workshops. It is also an ideal avenue to meet the international community and initiate new business opportunities. The event takes place in Munich, Germany at the Munich Fairground. 

SIAL Paris: A leading and innovative food trade show that covers the entire food chain from meats to seafood to raw materials etc. The platform allows professionals to get a global perspective of the industry and meet the key stakeholders. There is a whole section dedicated to bakery goods at the show where the world’s biggest brands exhibit their product range. The event takes place in Paris at Paris Nord Villepinte. 

Bakery China: It is one of the largest trade shows in the world dedicated to the entire value chain of the bakery and confectionary market. Held once every year, the gathering gives a detailed insight into the latest trends and technologies in the food industry. It is a meeting place for the world’s leading food businesses and industry professionals for the transformation of the industry. It is held in Shanghai, China at the NECC Shanghai exhibition grounds. 

Anuga Cologne: A comprehensive and leading-edge food exhibition that brings together the world’s biggest food innovators and foodies from all over the world under one roof. The event features a wide range of flavors from multiple regions and the latest technologies in food processing. Bakery products and manufacturing technologies are introduced at the event under a separate section. It is a promising platform to make new contacts and expand your business endeavors. 

Gulfood Dubai: A wide-scale food exhibition dedicated to the entire ecosystem from production elements to distribution of food products. Bakery goods is a prominent section at the event that covers everything baking from raw materials to distribution channels. It is a promising platform to engage with the global community and discover the latest market trends. It is held in Dubai at the Dubai Trade Center. 


Which Sectors can Participate in the Trade Exhibitions held in Baking Industry?

The baking industry holds a significant position in the overall food and beverage industry. It is a growing and thriving industry with an extensive range of sectors or segments. Various segments focus on the different aspects of baking from production to distribution, and consumption of baked items. Some of the key sectors in this industry include retail bakeries, commercial and industrial bakeries, in-store bakeries, food raw materials, food and beverage, artisanal and craft bakeries, cafes and coffee shops, organic foods, doughnut shops, food packaging, food service chains, information technology, culinary schools, online bakeries, etc. 

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