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Tube & Wire Düsseldorf is one of the most important and exciting trade exhibitions for the aluminum, iron, steel and metalworking industry. It brings together experts, manufacturers, suppliers and industry leaders from around the world to showcase innovative products, technologies and solutions that are shaping the future of the industry. The next edition will be held in Messe Dusseldorf from April 13-17, 2026.

This unique trade show is the primary destination for companies active in the fields of metalworking, such as tube production, tube processing, wires, springs and wire products. Tube & Wire Düsseldorf provides industry professionals with the latest trends, machinery and equipment, materials, processing technologies and quality standards.


About Tube & Wire Dusseldorf

Tube & Wire Dusseldorf, organized for the first time in 1986, is organized in parallel in the same venue with the synergy it creates between the sectors. In other words, two shows can be visited with a single ticket. Both shows witness important meetings, trade connections and business partnerships throughout the event.

Among the sectors sending visitors to the show are automotive, telecommunications, metal industry, gas and oil, electricity, construction and chemicals, iron, steel industries, testing and control systems, craft sectors, investors, operators and manufacturers. At the show, where exhibitors and visitors exchange extensive information, you can find the opportunity to access raw materials, testing techniques and changing technology, special wires and cables and innovations in special quality lightweight and durable pipe technology before anyone else.

In all areas of the cable and wire industry; cable processing, smart production, special wires are among the innovations that Wire Dusseldorf introduces to industry professionals. The show creates an environment where you can meet the decision-makers of the sector, see your brand's place in the world market and compete consciously.

Tube Dusseldorf, where pipe raw materials and production machinery, glass, fiber, concrete, ceramic, fiber, ferrous and non-ferrous pipes are exhibited, is an effective platform to get to know the best in the sector and to make big business deals.


Statistics of the Tube & Wire Dusseldorf

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Tube & Wire Dusseldorf Exhibitor List

Tube & Wire Dusseldorf is an important platform where industry-leading professionals come together and develop collaborations. In 2022, more than 1,800 exhibitors participated in the exhibition. The first three countries that made up the majority of the participants were Germany, Italy and Turkey, respectively.

Click here for the exhibitor list of 2026 Tube & Wire Düsseldorf.


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Information About Tube & Wire Dusseldorf

Tube & Wire fuarları bir arada gerçekleşen boru, tel, kablo ve tüp işleme alanlarında dünyanın en önemli ticaret fuarlarıdır.

Exhibition Name in English Tube & Wire Dusseldorf
Exhibition Name in Turkish Uluslararası Tel, Kablo, Boru Malzemeleri Fuarı  
Date 13-17 April 2026
Country Germany
City Dusseldorf
Venue Messe Düsseldorf  
Venue Address

Am Staad, 40474 Dusseldorf  

Exhibition Website Click Here
E-mail of Exhibition
Organizer Messe Düsseldorf Gmbh 
E-mail of Organizer
Sectors Aluminum, Iron, Steel, Metal Processing 
Product Groups Metallic Pipe and Tube Manufacturing Machines, Processing Machines for Metallic Pipes, Processing Machines for Metallic Pipes, Tools for Processing Metallic Pipes, Auxiliary Materials, Tubes, Pipes, Tube Products and Tube Accessories, Testing Technology for Pipe and Tube Industry, Sensor and Quality Technology, Environmental Technology for Pipe and Tube Industry, Software for Pipe and Tube Manufacturing, Special Area Pipeline, Plastic Pipes 
Exhibition Space 52,959 + sqm  
Number of Exhibitors at the Last Exhibition 1,058 +
Number of Visitors at the Last Exhibition 42,248
Frequency  Every Two Years
Ticket Prices


Distance of Venue from the City 6,4 km
Exhibition in Social Media


Sectoral Associations and Chambers of Commerce

European Aluminium, Aluminum Association (United States), IISI (International Iron and Steel Institute), World Steel Association, Turkish Steel Producers Association (Turkey)

Sectoral Journals Steel Times International, Aluminum International Today, Light Metal Age, Metalworking News, Tube & Pipe Journal, Wire Journal International  


Frequently Asked Questions About Tube & Wire Dusseldorf


How can I access the Tube & Wire Dusseldorf exhibitor list?

Click here for the latest 2026 exhibitor list of the exhibition.

When will the Tube & Wire Dusseldorf 2026 exhibition take place?

It will take place between 13-17 April 2026.

Where will the 2026 Tube & Wire Dusseldorf exhibition take place?

Tube & Wire Düsseldorf, one of the most important exhibitions covering the aluminum industry, will take place at Messe Düsseldorf.

How can I get to the Tube & Wire Dusseldorf 2026 exhibition venue?

You can easily reach the venue by public transportation, your own vehicle and a taxi. Some hotels offer special fair transfers for exhibitors and visitors of DixiFuar.

What are the hotels within walking distance of the Tube & Wire Dusseldorf 2026 exhibition?

Tulip Inn Duesseldorf Arena Hotel, Hilton Düsseldorf, Hotel Schnellenburg, Airport Fashion Hotel and Hotel Aleksandra are within walking distance of the exhibition.

How can I get an Tube & Wire Dusseldorf 2026 exhibition ticket?

Click here for detailed information and to get your ticket for the exhibition.

What should I do to book a stand at the Tube & Wire Dusseldorf 2026?

Click here for more information about booking a stand.


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