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International Agriculture, Horticulture and Livestock Machinery Fair EIMA will be held in Bologna, Italy on 06-10 November 2024. Organized every two years since 1969, the trade show is of great value worldwide, with a wide range of products and a commercial identity that has increased over the years.

The 44th edition of EIMA has been confirmed in two different meetings. In order to better manage the pandemic that has affected the world, the presentation in November 2020 has been changed to a digital preview and rescheduled to a physical meeting in February 2021. The virtual preview in November will allow all participating and visiting companies to select their areas of interest and optimize the meeting schedule in February.


About EIMA Bologna

EIMA 2024, where a large number of registered exhibitors are waiting for the presentation day, is important not only to establish international trade contacts but also to re-energize the agricultural machinery market. The products to be exhibited at the trade show include processing machinery used in the agricultural industry, chemical fertilization equipment, grain sorting and processing machinery, harvesting machinery, industrial feed, irrigation systems, forestry products, livestock machinery and equipment, etc.

EIMA, where professionals, manufacturers and users who play a role in the agricultural machinery industry come together, continues to be the event where technological systems that will be needed for years to come are discussed. Throughout the organization, seminars, meetings, live demonstrations, the innovations of the sector are conveyed and quality technological products are introduced. Many rich platforms have been created within the scope of the exhibition. These are EIMA Campus, EIMA Desk and EIMA MiA respectively.  EIMA Campus is aimed at both established professionals and students; EIMA Desk is an area dedicated to education and safety and EIMA MiA will present multifunctionality in agriculture.

Statistics of EIMA Bologna

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EIMA Bologna Exhibitor List

The last time the EIMA Bologna exhibition was held in 2022, it hosted nearly 2 thousand exhibitors and proved to be an important exhibition of the sector. The list of exhibitors for EIMA Bologna 2024 has not yet been announced. EIMA Bologna 2022 attracted the most exhibitors from Italy with 1,092 companies. In addition, 78 Turkish, 43 French, 41 German, 18 US, 18 Korean and many other exhibitors from many different countries took part in the fair and introduced their products.

Click here for the exhibitor list of the last EIMA Bologna exhibition in 2022.


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Information About EIMA Bologna

Eima Bologna 2024 Bologna Fiere International Agricultural and Garden Machinery Exhibition. The most suitable tours on Dixifuar.com

Exhibition Name in English EIMA Bologna 2024
Exhibition Name in Turkish Uluslararası Tarım ve Bahçe Makineleri Fuarı 
Date 6-10 November 2024
Country Italy
City Bologna
Venue Bologna Fiere
Venue Address

Viale della Fiera, 20, 40128, Bologna BO

Exhibition Website Click Here
E-mail of Exhibition eima@federunacoma.it
Organizer Federunacoma Surl 
E-mail of Organizer  info@federunacoma.it
Sectors Agriculture and Agricultural Technologies 
Product Groups Engines, Machines for Land and Forestry, Tractors, Walking Tractors, Multipurpose Vehicles and Motorised Hoes, Machines for Tillage, Seeding, Fertilisation, Plant and Crop Processing Machines, Irrigation Machines, Harvesting Machines, Machines for Initial Processing and Preservation of Crop, Livestock Machinery, Agro-industrial Machinery, Crop Handling Machines, Components & Accessories and Spare Parts, Gardening and Public Green Space Equipment, Small and Manual Operated Machines, Machines for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Methods and Barn Cleaning, Machinery and Equipment for Renewable Power Sources for Agriculture 
Exhibition Space 140,000 sqm
Number of Exhibitors at the Last Exhibition 2,000
Number of Visitors at the Last Exhibition 320,000 
Frequency  Once in a 2 Years
Ticket Prices Not Known Yet
Distance of Venue from the City 4,7 km
Exhibition in Social Media



Sectoral Associations and Chambers of Commerce

WFO (World Farmers’ Organisation), ISTA (International Seed Testing Association), AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers), IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), IFA (International Fertilizer Association), IFAP (International Federation of Agricultural Producers)

Sectoral Journals Journal of Agricultural Science, Crop Science, IJAITG (International Journal of Agriculture Innovation, Technology and Globalisation), ACS (Agricultural Science & Technology)


Frequently Asked Questions About the EIMA Bologna


How can I access the EIMA Bologna exhibitor list?

Click here to access the recently published 2022 exhibitor list of the International Agricultural, Horticultural and Livestock Machinery Fair. The 2024 exhibitor list has not been announced yet.

When will the EIMA Bologna 2024 exhibition take place?

The exhibition will be held between November 6-10, 2024.

Where will the 2024 EIMA Bologna exhibition take place?

The show will take place at the Bologna Fiere.

How can I get to the EIMA Bologna exhibition venue?

Guglielmo Marconi International Airport is located 7 km from BolognaFiere and is connected to the city center by the Marconi Express monorail train. Bologna Central Station is just 10 minutes from BolognaFiere and can be reached by bus lines 35 and 38. From the city centre you can take buses 28 and 35.

What are the hotels within walking distance of the EIMA Bologna exhibition?

Wall Art Fiera, Travel Fiera, M2BO DOSSETTI 27 - FIERA, Beva Fiera Bologna, Room & Breakfast Nettuno 29, HOLA Bologna B&B are located within walking distance of the venue.

How can I get an EIMA Bologna 2024 exhibition ticket?

The ticket office will be open as of July 2024.

What should I do to book a stand at EIMA Bologna 2024?

Stand registrations for the EIMA 2024 exhibition have not started yet, information will be updated at a later date.


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