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Anuga Cologne, the world’s leading trade fair for the food industry, will take place in October 04-08, 2025. 2025 presentation will focus on the most relevant topics for the industry over the next 50 years. Consumer behaviors will be reshaped in 5 different halls with different presentations and events, the path taken by the food industry, and the changing eating habits of the digitalized world. In the show, which brings together 10 different connected trade areas in a single center; frozen food, fresh food, meat products, dairy, canned food, bread and bakery products, hot and cold beverages, organic products and food equipment will be exhibited. The new world dynamics that are changing the way the food industry does business and the international companies that realize these dynamics will meet with visitors in the 2023 concept of Anuga Cologne.


About Anuga Cologne

Anuga is one of the world’s largest food and beverage trade shows. It is held biennially in Cologne, Germany. The show is a platform for industry professionals, including manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, and service providers, to showcase their products, make new connections and learn about the latest trends and innovations in the food and beverage industry.

The show is divided into ten trade fairs dedicated to different industry segments, for example, Meat, Dairy, Hot Beverages, Frozen Food, etc. The trade fairs are spread over several halls in the Koelnmesse fairground.

Anuga is an important platform for industry professionals to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the food and beverage industry, discover new products and technologies, and make new connections.

Why You Should Not Miss the Show?

Anuga is a food and beverage trade show held in Cologne, Germany. It is one of the largest trade shows of its kind in the world, attracting over 7,000 exhibitors and around 165,000 visitors from around the globe. There are several reasons why you might not want to miss Anuga if you are involved in the food and beverage industry:

Networking opportunities: Anuga is a great place to meet and connect with other professionals in the industry, including buyers, sellers, and industry experts.

Product innovation: Anuga is a showcase for the latest trends and innovations in the food and beverage industry. You’ll have the chance to see and learn about new products and technologies that could help you grow your business.

Market insights: Anuga is a great place to get a sense of what’s happening in the global food and beverage market. You can learn about the latest trends and consumer preferences, and get a sense of where the industry is headed.

Education and training: Anuga offers a range of educational and training opportunities, including workshops, seminars, and demonstrations. You can learn new skills and techniques that will help you stay ahead in the industry.

International exposure: Anuga is a global event, attracting visitors and exhibitors from around the world. It’s a great opportunity to learn about different markets and cultures, and to see how food and beverage trends are evolving in different parts of the world.

As a result, it can be said that Anuga is worldwide organization that will develop your business.

Statistics of Anuga Cologne

2021 statistics,

2019 statistics,

In the 2017 presentation, 165,008 visitors and 7,405 exhibitors were recorded on an area of 154,500 square meters.


Enjoy the Future with Anuga Cologne and Travel with Dixifuar

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Information About Anuga Cologne

Anuga Cologne 2023, will be held on October 07-11, 2023. Anuga, the world’s leading trade fair for the food industry. Contact Dixifuar to Food exhibitions and tour programs.

Exhibition Name in English Anuga Cologne 
Exhibition Name in Turkish Uluslararası Gıda Fuarı  
Date 04-08 October 2025
Country Germany
City Cologne 
Venue Koelnmesse 
Venue Address

Messeplatz 1 Mülheim, 50679 Cologne, Germany

Exhibition Website Click Here
E-mail of Exhibition /

Organizer Koelnmesse
E-mail of Organizer
Sectors Food and Beverage 
Product Groups Food, Delicatessen Products, Beverages, Milk and Dairy Products, Frozen Foods, Pastries, Meat and Meat Products, Fruits and Vegetables, Confectionery, Juices, Water Products, Catering, Food Technology, Bakery Equipment, Olive and Olive Oil, Pulses, Spices, Natural and Organic Products, Food Additives and Auxiliary Products, Nuts, Canned Foods, Ready-to-Eat and Soup Products, Deli Sauces, Dried Fruits and Vegetables, Vegetable Oils, Ice Cream, Raw materials and Ingredients for Frozen Products, Raw materials and Ingredients for Meat, Meat Substitutes, Eggs and Egg Products, Breads, Bakery, Gluten-Free Products, Dietary Products, Functional Foods
Exhibition Space 284.00 sqm
Number of Exhibitors at the Last Exhibition 4.600 +
Number of Visitors at the Last Exhibition 70.000 + 
Frequency  Every Two years
Ticket Prices

Season Ticket: 150 EUR

Day Ticket: 80 EUR
Distance of Venue from the City 2 km
Exhibition in Social Media


Sectoral Associations and Chambers of Commerce

WFC (World Food Council), IUFoST (The International Union of Food Science and Technology), IFFI (Ingredients For Food Innovators), IFBA (International Food & Beverage Association)

Sectoral Journals Food Quality and Safety Magazine, Dairy Foods Magazine, Food Technology – IFT, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation


Frequently Asked Questions About the Anuga Cologne


How can I access the Anuga Cologne exhibitor list?

Click here for the exhibitor list of the exhibition covering the food and beverages sector.

When will the Anuga Cologne 2025 exhibition take place?

It will take place between October 04-08, 2025.

Where will the 2025 Anuga Cologne exhibition take place?

Anuga Cologne will take place in Koelnmesse, the world’s 5th largest fairground.

How can I get to the Anuga Cologne 2025 exhibition venue?

Thanks to Koelnmesse’s central and convenient location in Europe, visitors can quickly reach Koelnmesse by car, train, plane and public transport from many cities in Germany and abroad. From some hotels, Dixifuar offers special fair transfers for exhibitors and visitors.

What are the hotels within walking distance of Anuga Cologne 2025 exhibition?

Radisson Blu Hotel, Hyatt Regency Cologne, Dorint Hotel An der Messe, Ibis Koeln Messe, Centro Hotel Arkadia, Centro Hotel Ayun, Burns Art & Cologne are within walking distance.

How can I get an Anuga Cologne 2025 exhibition ticket?

Click here for ticket prices and detailed information for the Anuga Cologne 2025 exhibition.

What should I do to book a stand at the Anuga Cologne 2025?

Click here for more information about booking a stand at the 2025 Anuga Cologne.


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